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Shaping Our Town – Blairgowrie and Rattray Charrette


Give your views on the future of the town.

Its a very exciting time for people, organisations and businesses in the town as they have a rare opportunity to have their say on how the town should develop in the future to maximize its potential and be an even better place to live, work and enjoy leisure time.

The community council is leading on a process which involves having conversations with individuals, organisations and businesses to get their views on anything to do with the town, be that transport, traffic, parking, the environment, how its looked after, housing, leisure facilities or whatever. The results of these conversations will be brought together to agree a way forward for the town, and bring about actions to take it forward.

The Town Hall is booked from 29th February until 3rd March (opening times are below) so we are encouraging as many as possible pop in and give us there views. These conversations take place at the same time as the consultation on the development plan for the town which proposes areas for the towns development, the timing is perfect so that the results of both exercises can be brought together and influence the shape and development of the town for the future. The more contributions we get the better the outcome will be, so please everyone whoever you are, come along and join in the big conversation and help shape a better town for the future.

You can register your interest at

Town Hall open for all.

Monday 29th. Feb. 11.00am – 8.00pm

Tuesday 1st March 9.00am – 8.00pm

Wednesday 2nd March. 9.00am – 8.00pm

Thursday 3rd. March. 9.00am – 12.30pm

Thursday 3rd. March. Closing Presentation from 4.30pm.

You can view more details on what has happened so far and the plans at Discover Blairgowrie Latest information on the Charrette

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2 thoughts on “Shaping Our Town – Blairgowrie and Rattray Charrette

  1. The purpose is to get the views of as many people, businesses, and organisations on the sort of things they feel would make the town and its center in particular, a better place to use, enjoy and thrive for the benefit of all, visitors and residents alike. Subjects from parking and traffic flows, the environment and how it is looked after, spaces for play and recreation, housing requirement and so on. These issues can be anything at all, very small short term things or bigger projects likely for the long term. Once these thoughts from the users of the town are collected the plan is to bring these together and to prioritize what needs done, when, where and by whom. The Hill primary decision is a great disappointment but as a community Councillor I think we must continue to try to encourage improvements all aspects of the town, knowing that some will be successful. (traffic light removal) and some unsuccessful (Hill Primary)


  2. We had a wonderful proposal for a centre in the old Hill Primary which was dismissed after the organisers spent over £60,000. We would have had a cinema, parking available for three churches, particularly necessary for funerals, weddings etc, a history centre with the old printing presses, a Men’s Shed, etc etc all shot down for a housing development. There is already a 13 unit plot available for up market housing and a large affordable housing space available beside the Newhill Primary, plus an eight unit started housing area. Now a charade is proposed – for what reason?