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Wanted – Volunteers for Inclusion on Emergency Reaction Plans for Blairgowrie and Rattray

Blairgowrie and Rattray Community Council are developing an Emergency Plan for Blairgowrie and Rattray, called a Community Resilience Plan, and are looking to engage with people who would be willing to offer time, skills, equipment or other suitable and relevant resources for on call emergencies.

Situations could include floods, major fires, prolonged power and other service outages, blocked roads, searches and other diverse emergencies where the Community could help. Whilst the Emergency Services, Police, Fire and Rescue and Ambulance would initially deal with these situations they will often welcome help and resources from the local community.

We can all look at Alyth as an example of a community that came together at a difficult time. They performed sterling work even though they did not have a plan in place. BRCC seek to develop the Community Resilience Plan for Blair and Rattray so that it can react in a co-ordinated manner should the Plan Co-ordinator receive calls for help from Emergencies Services, PKC Officers and/or members of the local community.

The main principle of the Community Resilience Plan is to keep the community safe and therefore will rely heavily on volunteers and help from the community in providing resources and information at difficult times.

So if you have the desire to help, the time, skills, resources or equipment please contact us at the Community Council through either Brian Smith [Plan Co-ordinator] or direct to BRCC (contact details below) In particular we would like to hear from people who have off-road 4×4’s and don’t mind putting them to the test, people with equipment that could be used to clear fallen trees etc. and have the competence to operate them, people with emergency lighting systems and small generators. People who are willing to loan, with competent operators, small plant such as Tele-porters, cherry pickers (MEWP’s) and Tractors and Trailers. People to man and operate places of safety/refuge, people to help clear up, people to help expand emergency service groups for; searches, Basic First Aid, communication, movement of people, helping with Traffic Control and simply to fetch and carry. There could also be a need for transport of vulnerable people to the place of safety/refuge.

The only training required for inclusion in the plan will be during any Trial or Test of the Plan.

Anybody who can offer information, a skill or a resource or suggestions that they feel are relevant but are not mentioned above please also contact us.

Brian Smith at 01250 875465 or

BR Community Council at

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