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Charrette Outcomes & Priority Actions

Documented below are the priority actions that emerged from the Charrette outcomes discussions public meeting held on 29 July at Blairgowrie Town Hall.


Need to unify and coordinate better all the activities, festivals and offerings and broadcast this to better promote the town as a place to visit and become engaged with for locals and visitors alike.

Create a timeline of events, and seek to populate gaps in the year with other activities so that there is a move towards year round activities and attractions. E.g.  Widen the festival range building on music and cultural history of the town maybe re-activating the folk festival, built around Hamish Henderson, maybe a bluebell festival, horse shows and possible rare breeds.

Develop use of river and local countryside for extreme water & walking events

Develop local history timeline from the picts to present day, making use of the wealth of history and innovation the town has to offer. Cleaven Dyke, standing stones, Beech Hedge Flax/jute/berries etc..

Produce a “What to do in a day or a weekend in Blairgowrie and Rattray” guide.


Much better use of riverside is needed, better access with new pedestrian bridge (s) to connect Rattray and provide short round walks. Generate greater attractions, maybe lighting for extended use into evening and nights, interpretation boards and other attractions to make best use of our greatest asset. Enhance experience of our natural environment publicising natural fauna and flora with better publicised view points and areas of special interest. Tell the story of the history of the river, mils, flax, jute and innovation.

Call for more and better quality parking provision which is well signed. (multi storey too) Consider permit or other arrangements for business parking, and half hour on street limit.

Better access for wheelchair/pushchair users in the town.

Better town signage with town logo/brand identity.

Public wi-fi throughout the town needed.

Develop local cycle trails and routes, and publicise.

More shared space both external and internal needed, and option for covered space.

Rattray main roads congested with parking, which reduces traffic flow.


Need an information centre if possible linked to a museum and or visitor attraction (to create a USP) offer, with indoor facilities. Centre would also be a focus for the start of the Cateran trail, with information on walking routes, cycling routes, local wildlife, weather etc.. possibly combined with an outdoor gear shop.

Need indoor play facilities for children, with adult relaxation space.

Need a Focal point for arts and crafts, workshops and galleries.

Tannage St building has opportunity to benefit its use as a result of its overlooking the river.

Need Heritage centre/museum for berries, mills, print works & a Hamish Henderson space.

Purpose built community cinema for 100 – 125

Meeting, activity centre for groups, brownies and Scouts etc.

Expand library into council building to have a genealogy centre and more accommodation for bookmark festival, and other uses.

Establish a new Blairgowrie brewery.

Bunk house type accommodation provision for walker/bikers/ etc..


Logical area for consideration was Blairgowrie High School catchment area.

Better town linkages for Alyth and Coupar Angus with dedicated cycle ways and cycle routes. Potential to make these more attractive with picnic spots, nature trails and interpretive material for nature, environment and history.

Consider the pooling of resources and shared use of facilities for youth groups in the area.

Work with other towns in Strathmore/east Perthshire to build a single calendar of events,, preventing clashes and working on joint promotion activity.

Look to capture benefits of sporting events. E.g. half marathon, 5K run, cateran yomp.

Promote natural environment, nature flora and fauna for the whole area as an experience.

Support for new sports and leisure facilities and consider how best to make best of these over the geography.

Better bus link between Alyth and Blair.

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