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Community Resilience Emergency Action Plan


The Community Resilience Emergency Action Plan has been devised by members of Blairgowrie and Rattray Community Council. Advice has been taken from all Emergency Services, PKC Community Resilience Team and other local developed plans. Whilst it fits in with other established PKC and neighbouring Town plans its main emphasis is on dealing with Blairgowrie and Rattray Community support in times of emergency need.Reaction Plans, for guidance purposes, have been developed following a Table Top Risk Assessment. The Risk Assessment, as contained in the main manual, is not considered definitive and will always be open to further development in the light of experience during trials, tests or ongoing guidance.

The Plan contains lists of contacts along with a telephone tree, communication systems, lists of those persons with available equipment, lists of those persons or organization’s with particular skills and check lists to be used in any given emergency.

Whilst the Plan gives full details of all actions, responses and other information it is envisaged that the Coordinator and each team leader will have relevant extracts in folder type form for use in an emergency. These will be held in folders located in their personal Grab Bags.

Should any person feel they need to call for help within the scope of this plan they should contact one of the individuals on the Contact Details for Plan Mobilisation

At all other times where an emergency response is required from all Emergency Services please phone 999 and ask for the relevant service. Information held within the Resilience Plan is subject to the Data Protection Act.

Plan and Reaction Structure

This Plan is designed to operate from the initial calls from the public or other established communicators to the Co-ordinator or their depute;

• The Co-ordinator, on being notified will call sufficient numbers of Team Leaders.
• The Co-ordinator will establish a co-ordination centre at Blairgowrie Fire Station
• The Team Leader will then call suitable resources using the Resource List in their folder.
• The Co-ordinator will remain under the direction of the Emergency Services

The Emergency Services Controller/Manager (Normally a Police Officer) is designated as the P10.

Teams will consist only of the Team Leader and any Resources they have called for. Each Team Leader will be supplied with an Emergency Action Log Book containing general extractions from the main manual and will include; Contact Lists, Log Sheets and Resource Spreadsheets. This information will be held in Team Leader Grab Bags.

The above is for general information and notice. The complete plan is held by Blairgowrie and Rattray Community Council.



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