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Blackthorn Place Comments


The Blackthorn Place planning application, ref no. 17/00838/FLM, has now been submitted to the Council and, as usual, residents have 21 days to lodge any objections, comments or support for the development.  If you’d like to make representation please make sure your correspondence has been received by PKC by the Tuesday 20th June deadline.

Some more information is contained in this Blackthorn Place Leaflet that you may like to read.

2 thoughts on “Blackthorn Place Comments

  1. Many thanks for the interesting post, I think it will come in handy to me.


  2. Already Berrydale Road has more than enough through traffic for a residential area and the introduction of more housing with probably around 70 more vehicles all ignoring the suggested 20mph signs on both roads and posts. Accepting that it is impossible to halt this housing development it would be a sign of good faith if planners would construct a ramp to slow traffic down. I would recommend locating this ramp outside 11a Berrydale Road. I believe this would have a calming effect of vehicle speed. My concern is around the time of the school run when parents are driving, often in convoy, at speeds, I would estimate in excess of 30mph. The likelihood of an accident involving a Primary School child is a distinct possibility. (I was, some years ago, involved in traffic matters in the development of a new city)


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