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West Park Development

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More planning issues!  As part of the Local Development Plan we are to have a couple of large areas of the town developed; some exclusively for residential accommodation and some will have more of a mixed use.  The site across from the cemetery is the latter.


The architects have held a couple of open days of their own now over the course of the pre-planning consultation process and attended our open day in the Town Hall in April, when they spoke to members of the public about the proposed plans for the site and noted feedback and responses about the site and its intended uses.

They have now submitted an application for the site “in principle” but more information has been requested which has effectively “stopped the clock” on this application being determined.  Once all the required paperwork has been submitted, the process will continue and residents of Blairgowrie and Rattray will be able to make further representation directly to the Council’s Planning Department about the site.

There is no suggestion that this site will not be developed.  It, like the other sites that have been identified as part of the Local Development Plan, has already been earmarked for development and now it is just a case of fine tuning what goes into that space.  We received lots of feedback (see our website  West Park Development post from April) and you can see the proposed plan for the site by clicking that link too.

We’ll let you know once the application (17/00939/IPM) is able to be commented on further.

Local Development Plan

MU5   West Park, Perth Road, Blairgowrie (mixed use)
H63    Glenalmond Road, Rattray (residential)
E1       Welton Road (commercial/industrial)


One thought on “West Park Development

  1. This development will be a welcome development for the town. Lidl will be on a bus route for those without their own transport and as the company purchases UK/Scottish produce for sale it is not just selling foodstuffs imported from Europe. It is competition for Tesco so will benefit the population of Blairgowrie. The building of housing on this site is also of benefit to the existing population as established housing will not see their roads with more traffic with building in their areas. Can’t identify any problems with this development