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Would you like to do the Honours?


Do you know someone who deserves to be recognised for their valuable work whether voluntary, in the community or within their career? Has someone gone the extra mile over and above their day job? Then why not consider nominating them for a UK Honour?

Perhaps they’ve demonstrated innovation, entrepreneurship or philanthropy.  Have their fundraising efforts had a positive effect in their local or wider community?  Have they achieved great things against the odds?

Any and all of these achievements will be considered when honours are awarded.   To ensure your nominee has what it takes to make it all the way,  have they;

  • made a positive difference to their community or field of work?
  • improved the life of those less able to help themselves?
  • gone the extra mile over and above their day job?
  • made a sustained voluntary or charitable commitment?
  • changed things for the better, with an emphasis on achievement?


Nomination is a simple process which the Protocol and Honours team can guide you through.

There are two Honours rounds each year:  at New Year and The Queen’s  Birthday. The Honours system is inclusive of all UK residents active in their fields of interest, however we are particularly keen to ensure diversity and equality are embodiments of the honours process and therefore we are eager to receive nominations for ethnic, disabled or female candidates for all levels of award.

Advice and guidance is available from and more information can also be found at

3 thoughts on “Would you like to do the Honours?

  1. Hello. Marianne Rugard Jarvstrat is a fraud. She purchased an ex council care home and acquired over 100k in highland grant money to renovate it after pretending to set up a business to employ local workers. She did neither. She has finished her renovation , owes thousands to local trade persons that she refuses to pay and has sold the place for a profit of nearly 800% after carefully waiting until the 5 year payback on the grants had expired. Despite making all this profit she stillrefuses to pay her tradesmen. “Who is this mad man and why is he rambling to us in an e mail “? I hear you ask. Well she has been contacting removal firms pricing a move from Dornie to Blairgowrie so it looks like she is heading your way. If we had our way she would be heading home to Sweden but we are just happy to see her go. Be on your guard folks and look out for this woman. She has horses so her first move will be to seek grazing fields for them. Regards Drew. Former CC chair.


    • Hello I am a tradesmen owed money bye her in blairgowrie what did you do about things I’ve out in my first invoice and it all turned from there


    • Hi D Fisher, can you clarify what came of the unpaid tradesmen? Did they take her to court? Is there anyway to get more information on this, as she appears to be repeating the same pattern at her new development in blairgowrie, Parkhill House. Can we get a contact number or email address for more information please?


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