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Blairgowrie & Rattray Coronavirus Coordination Group

This group has developed a community support service for those needing help in the town and surrounding communities. The Group members collective experience and expertise covers a wide range of disciplines, enabling an effective response to the current situation.

We have been meeting since early March to set up a local support system for people who are self-isolating and for others who are unable to leave their homes safely. As well as a central team, there are four teams of three coordinators and around150 volunteers undertaking daily tasks to support folk in need.

There are a number of community support services being provided

  • The services went live on Monday 30th March 2020 – for information about this and other resources in the town, go to the Discover Blairgowrie website
  • The volunteer taskforce is shopping, collecting prescriptions, delivering books and other services for those who can pay for them. They are providing free food packages for those either unable to pay due to their circumstances, or unable to access funds in these challenging times.
  • They are setting up and running a number of food larders in local communities around the town
  • They are also providing a phone buddy service for those who  are maybe feeling a bit lonely or would just like someone to have a chat with
  • Personal protective equipment has been purchased and guidance issued to ensure safe working practice
  • The service will continue to exist for as long as the restrictions are in place and people need our support


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Blairgowrie & Rattray Coronavirus Coordination Group
Helping Vulnerable People in Self-Isolation and Struggling Families

Your donation will go towards essential items such as food packages for families in crisis, self-isolating vulnerable people and folk in our community with financial difficulties due to sudden loss of income or other reasons, leaving them unable to access funds.  It will help to purchase protective equipment, so volunteers can shop,  collect prescriptions, deliver books and stock food larders as safely as possible and contribute to our operating costs, telephones and transport.

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