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Blackthorn Place Comments

The Blackthorn Place planning application, ref no. 17/00838/FLM, has now been submitted to the Council and, as usual, residents have 21 days to lodge any objections, comments or support for the development.  If you’d like to make representation please make sure your correspondence has been received by PKC by the Tuesday 20th June deadline.

Some more information is contained in this Blackthorn Place Leaflet that you may like to read.

“YOUR TOWN IN YOUR HANDS” Blairgowrie and Rattray Charrette… The Way Forward

“Accepting the charrette process and its report, is only the start, we need to consider the report as the catalyst for the next stage not a panacea for the town.”

The report from our consultants pulls together the results from the many conversations with individuals and groups during the charrette process and presents them to us in a way that enables us to take positive actions in the short, medium and longer term to improve the town. Continue reading


Shaping Our Town – Blairgowrie and Rattray Charrette

Give your views on the future of the town.

Its a very exciting time for people, organisations and businesses in the town as they have a rare opportunity to have their say on how the town should develop in the future to maximize its potential and be an even better place to live, work and enjoy leisure time. Continue reading

2 Public Consultation Events Scheduled for the Local Development Plan

PKC are conducting a public consultation on the Main Issue Report that will form part of the next Local Development Plan for the area.

The Council is asking for residents and businesses to share their views on how the future of your area will be shaped in terms of housing, provision of business land, the natural and built environment, transport issues and green energy issues.

The Main Issues Report show future development options and potential land use in Perth and Kinross. The publication of this report and the associated consultation provides the opportunity for everyone to voice their opinion and ensure they are involved in shaping the final content of the next Local Development Plan.

There are 2 public events scheduled:

  • Saturday 23rd January at Blairgowrie Town Hall from 11.00 until 3.00pm
  • Thursday 25th February at Blairgowrie Community Campus from 4.00pm until 8.00pm

Consultation is open from 23rd December 2015 until 16th March 2016. All information is available at Main Issues Report – Perth & Kinross Council

Consultation on revision to Developer Contributions and Affordable Housing Supplementary Guidance

On the 16th December 2015 the Council approved for consultation revised Supplementary Guidance for Developer Contributions and Affordable Housing. This Guidance combines the existing adopted Supplementary Guidance in relation to Developer Contributions, Transport Infrastructure and Affordable Housing into a single document. This document will be available for consultation for a period of 8 weeks from 23 December 2015 until 19 February 2016.

This seeks to combine the existing guidance in relation to Developer Contributions, Transport Infrastructure and Affordable Housing into a single document.

Full information can be found at